We are keen to encourage our students to reflect on their responsibilities in the world when dealing with others and a key part of this is getting students to sign up and recognise their duties towards those around them.

It was this thinking that two years ago brought our anti-bullying display in the hub of the school that saw all children sign up to the theme and the bold commitment grabbed the attention of all visitors to the school. Even so, students and the world move on, and though the anti-bullying message remains important, we have gone for a change.

During our Equalities Week earlier in the year, we asked every student to sign up to a ‘Hand Up For Respect’ message which seemed to fit the era we live in; what with the confrontations over Brexit, signs of growing extremism, the #MeToo movement and so on. All students chose their fonts to sign up and the ‘Hands Up’ display has now taken centre stage.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Of course, Maths, English and Science are important – but so are respect, tolerance and responsibility. There is little point in hitting top grades in every subject if basic human standpoints are not developed. We all want to respect one another in our school, and sometimes we will all fall short, but the aspiration and drive is there and by committing to the message we can work even harder to get there.”