Twenty-eight top Year 8 historians have been taking part in after-school masterclasses designed to stretch and challenge them to reach towards the Grades 8s and 9s in Summer 2022.

The sessions are part of our KS3 Interventions programme which provides targeted booster and consolidation work to keep students on track in the core academic subjects.

This History investigation work includes the First Opium War, Apartheid in South Africa and the Russo-Japanese War.

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “All schools have a big push on booster classes for GCSE students but we are seeking to put the work in lower down the school so students of all abilities are better equipped to deal with the challenges of GCSE. These History masterclasses are just part of an extensive programme and it is great to see so many students working hard after the final school bell of the day.”