Year 11 GCSE History students were transported to the front line of the First World War Trenches when they were visited by the ‘Front Line History’ team as part of their preparation for their summer exams.

The Front Line History team offer students opportunities to handle artefacts and weapons, to try on clothing, uniform & webbing, to explore source material and images, for role play and hot-seating, and their specialist knowledge means they can link the items directly to the GCSE exams and the specific types of questions that are likely to come up.

The students enjoyed taking on board not only the in-depth understanding, but also the practical chance to try on and handle the artefacts.

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We were thrilled that the History Department brought this experience in to school as it is very much an opportunity to spark an interest and bring the past to life so that the knowledge can be carried into the final exams. The Front Line team were fun, engaging and definitely inspired the students in the 100th year since the end of the First World War.”