We are very proud of our Saturday School and the last few weeks have seen a series of days where Year 11s have come in to prep, revise and check up on their subject knowledge before their mock exams.

The students have come in largely numbers – last weekend’s Maths class brought in over half of the Year group – and the English session was well attended too. Of course, coming to Saturday School does not guarantee great results – but there is no doubt that it is a positive step and if it is combined with revision at home then it can only help.

The sessions are voluntary (unless we direct someone to come along ), are non-school uniform, offer free refreshments, and usually run between 9.30-11.30am, so that they are short, sharp, and do not knock-out the whole weekend.

OIi Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The sessions look at specific exam prep work, target past paper questions, and are an excellent way of getting that extra revision in before the mock exams. The mocks play an important part in readying students for their final exams, give everyone a good understanding of where they are, and can help inform entry levels, so we are keen to see students shine in them.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The Saturday School and Holiday Schools mark us out as a school that goes the extra mile and there are sessions foo Year 10-13 students through the year. Often it is that all-important quiet word, gentle encouragement, or realisation that you can do it that sparks the exam success and recent exam results suggest this special approach brings its rewards.”