Over a hundred students received a complimentary ice cream last Friday, as a reward for their hard work, excellent attitude and good behaviour.

Students in the Top 20 for the most House Points received in their year group were eligible for the reward. The Top 20 Post-16 students were also awarded the treats. Students were also given a congratulatory letter to take home to their families.

“This makes me want to work harder throughout the year,” said Year 8 student Isabelle Snape, whilst fellow Darwin student Philippa Meredith added that “rewards like this are a great motivation to do well.” Albert Malone (8S2) also gave a thumbs up to the reward, courtesy of Cannock Dairies: “This is great quality ice cream!”

House Points can be earned for excellent classwork and homework, effort and resilience, helping others, participating in an extra-curricular activity and representing the school, as well as for excellent attendance and punctuality.

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The good news for students who missed out this time around is that there will be further rewards up for grabs after Christmas for those who earn the most House Points during the current half-term.”