Senior students, Harry Barton and Izzy Duignan, represented our school in our annual laying of a Remembrance wreath at the National Arboretum this year.

They chose to lay their wreath for KJ Hill and BD Boardley. who National Arboretum staff said were often forgotten during ‘remembrance’ as they died during a football match when the pitch got struck by lightning.

The Army FA website ( reveals that:

“In 1948, during the Army Cup final between the RAC Bovington and 121 Training Regiment Royal Artillery, the Aldershot stadium was struck by lightning, resulting in the death of one member of each team and injury to players, officials and spectators. The match was abandoned and the trophy was shared.”

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We believe it is important to encourage our students to reflect on the contribution of others in history so that they can look to their own responsibilities and commitments as they move forward in life. The choice for the wreath this year reflected the wider British Legion ‘Thank You’ campaign and our own view that no soldier who died whilst representing the armed forces should be forgotten.”