Our Sixth Form Open Evening was well attended and whilst we were thrilled to see so many of our superb Y11s coming along – despite already knowing what we can offer – it was equally fantastic to see so many students dropping in from other schools.

The evening consisted of a Headteacher’s outline of Sixth Form provision, before breaking out into subject areas, and stalls from universities and Higher Level apprenticeship providers.

There has been plenty of dialogue with our Y11s over the last 2 years building up to Sixth Form choices, but we wanted to emphasise that our Sixth Form approach is different to neighbouring settings.

The extra-curricular support, the broad university links, the targeted apprenticeship connections, the excellent study centre with daily extended opening,  and Saturday / Holiday Schools mark us out as different, but perhaps the key focus is our size.

There are larger Sixth Forms that are happy to have year groups of 200, 250 and so on, but we are committed to retaining a more personalised and individually-focused approach. We don’t choose to have a swamped study centre, nor prioritise lots of names on every register list but no idea about the person behind the name. Instead, we want students on the right course and we want to have the space and capacity to get to know them so we can put the right support in place so they can shine.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We are dedicated to support every Sixth Former – whether they are part of our thriving Oxbridge contingent, or looking to hit their 3 x C grade targets. Every student is special and entitled to be successful, not just the most privileged or able, and we pride ourselves are driving every individual to success.””

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We would urge all students considering our Sixth Form to reflect on the superb results we get, the more personalised support, the exemplar facilities and the fact that we have a Sixth Form which is adult, engaging and fun. Other local Sixth Forms will have a very different ethic, so it is vital students think carefully about whether we fit in with them. Joining our Sixth Form means signing up for people fighting your corner, not just being a ‘bum on a seat’”