World Food Day was on October 16th 2018. This day highlights the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation campaign to have a ‘Zero Hunger’ world by 2030. Our year 7 to 9 students undertook a special one off lesson in Geography, which highlighted the impacts of hunger, particularly on children and what the Food and Agriculture Organisation is doing around the world to stop hunger in its tracks.

To highlight the fact that hunger is an issue that can affect people in every country of the world, we were kindly visited by Jane Clarke, the Lichfield Foodbank Agency Manager. She spoke passionately in assemblies about the work that Lichfield Foodbank do to support people in need in our local community.

We asked students, staff, parents and carers to donate items to Lichfield Foodbank and we were overwhelmed by the response. Over 40 boxes of tins, cereals, pasta, biscuits and other essential items were kindly donated. As a thank you to students who donated, they were given a ticket to see some of our brave staff take part in a bush tucker trial. The highlight (or lowlight…) were the juicy sago pupae.

Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This Focus Week was a great deal of fun but behind this we very much pushed the serious messages relating to ‘Zero Hunger’ and this hit home with a huge collection for Lichfield Foodbank. This reflected so well on our students and their families and made us all reflect on the things many of simply take for granted.”