Any school will report that it is very tough to recruit teachers when vacancies come up so we are making sure we play a big role in training up new teachers who – if we cannot give a post – can go elsewhere and help other children succeed in their education.

All research shows the key factor in a child achieving academic success is a good teacher but with DfE recruitment targets falling short year-on-year-on-year this is easier said than done.

This term we have 7 trainee teachers working alongside our staff from local school-led training programmes and trainees from Staffordshire and Wolverhampton University.

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We face the challenges that all schools do in securing high quality recruits but we are perhaps doing better than most as we have built a wide range of contacts and links and play a highly active role in teacher training. We have secured some excellent young staff in Maths, French and Business for this school year but do not rest for a moment in terms of being ready to pounce the moment a vacancy comes up.”