The next phase of the regional child sexual exploitation (CSE) awareness campaign ‘See Me, Hear Me’ has been launched and contains the hard-hitting messages that teenagers and parents need to be all too aware of. The full scheme can be looked at via the website:

The campaign includes the powerful ‘The warning signs were there’ perpetrator video clip which shows an abuser describing how he grooms a young girl with gifts, alcohol and affection before abusing her. The video can be viewed at:

The video will target young people directly via Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat as well as through programmatic advertising on popular gaming, entertainment and mobile messaging apps they use. Meanwhile, parents will be reached via Facebook and other apps they use via programmatic advertising.

Ian Rose, Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Headteacher, said: “This is the latest scheme we have engaged with and is an important part of our safeguarding work. Our E-Safety work has attracted national praise, but knowing what to do and acting on it are two very different things and vigilance is required by everyone at all time.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “This is a very real issue across the country and in the local area – it is easy to think that our own children would never get involved in this but the reality is that parents can sometimes only realise this is not the case when it is too late. We would urge all parents to make themselves aware of the warning signs, maintain an honest and open dialogue with their children, take the time to check social media, and be aware that CSE is a risk to every child.”