Our Equality week took place last week and was an important celebration of our own diversity. Everyone explored the many great and important contributions to the world made by all of its countries. We learnt about the fascinating history of our family names and the great people who have given so much to make the World a fairer and more equal place to live.

Visitors from a range of different backgrounds shared their stories and inspired us all to never stand still and shape a more inclusive society. We learnt about PRIDE and confirmed our commitment to upholding the dignity of every person and treating each other with respect. We reflected on the past and dreamt of a future. And realised that anything is possible.

The weeks involved special assemblies, lunch-time competitions, visitors from professionals in roles where there was a traditional gender bias that was being overturned, and all student signed up to a respect and diversity mural which is going up in our main lobby.

Finally, all students got the chance to contribute a pride and respect message on doves representing peace towards others which is now in display in our art gallery.

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “We understand that we are preparing our students for a much wider world than just our immediate locale and we are keen to ensure they are equipped to deal with cultures and lifestyles that may be very different to their own. Our message of respect and tolerance is one that will ready them as they move forward.”