The Friary Interact Club have kick-started the new school year confirming three charities to support and plotting our plans alongside the fantastic team from Lichfield St Chad Rotary Club. As President of the Interact Club, I am delighted with the support for the upcoming charity events we have planned since the Summer Sizzler – which saw the most amount of money raised by the interact club as of yet!

This year our local charity is ‘Pathway’. This charity is important to us as it aids not only victims of domestic violence, but also supports children from around our local area turning victims into survivors. We hope to work closely with ‘Pathway’ and make a difference within our school community.

We all felt that the national charity had to be ‘MIND’ which supports those who suffer from mental health. This is strongly important to not only me, but also many other members of the school. With such a rise in children being diagnosed with mental illnesses from stress we felt this charity is highly meaningful – especially in our modern society where mental illness is at a sky high. We want to help those with mental health problems around school and across Britain – especially male victims who tend to keep quiet.

Alongside awareness for mental health, equality was at the top of our minds, therefore, our international charity is ‘Womenkind Worldwide’. This charity transforms the lives of women and girls from around the world to stop discrimination against gender, poverty and violence. They help educate women from deprived countries to better their lives. We felt this was such an important matter in our society where equality is still not where it should be.

I am extremely grateful to everyone from the Lichfield St Chad Rotary Club and the Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Hearn, who continuously gives great suggestions on possible charity events while attending our meetings every week. In particular I would like to thank the members of the Interact Club from the Sixth Form in Year 13; Elizabeth Bayliss and Jennifer Hosier who tirelessly attend every event we hold. While welcoming new members of Year 13; Elizabeth Fenlon, Charley Williams and Suzanna, alongside the new Year 12’s we shall be recruiting over the coming weeks.

I am excited to start the fundraising year and hopeful that this year we will raise even more money than last year in order to support our three diverse and important charities.

Please look out for our fundraising events throughout the year and help us to support others.