This week saw the first debating competition of 2018/19 with our Year 13 students getting stuck in on the hot topic of Brexit.

Garrick took on Johnson and Seward fought against Darwin for the chance to get some vital points on the board at this early stage of the academic year.

Despite a tentative start, the students put on a very engaging and entertaining debate with no key area left undiscussed in the argument over whether or not the UK will be better off outside the EU. Extensive independent research had been undertaken by the students covering the impact on jobs, immigration, the political system, terrorism and diversity; this level of background knowledge meant that the students were able to make their points and back them up with crucial evidence.

One of the most interesting stats was that the change in the voting demographic since the Brexit vote would actually lead to a different outcome if it were to take place again tomorrow. There was a sense of respect between the competing teams and also a keen desire to be crowned winners. In the end Seward triumphed, with Darwin a close second. Kieron O’Sullivan and Jaye Camacho were the most valuable debaters.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our Sixth Form students set a fantastic example to younger students in so many aspects of school life and they have really set the bar high with this opening debating competition. It was interesting that after both debates the students who had argued in favour of Brexit revealed that they were actually against the decision to leave the EU, however, there was no hint of this during the debate as each and every one of them acknowledge the importance of looking at both sides of an argument when discussing a subject as important as this. It comes as no surprise that more students than ever from our Sixth Form are getting places at Russell Group Universities given the high quality articulacy and levels of independent research on show at these debates and I look forward to seeing these students and the rest of our Year 13 cohort continue their journey through the Sixth Form.”