Both our school and Freedom Leisure, who run the provision at the community sports centre for Lichfield District Council, have been reviewing our safeguarding arrangements as part of our joint commitment to safeguard children on the school site.

The new arrangements will see only sports centre members entering the sports centre during the school day – apart from in supervised and designated schools areas – until 3.30pm.

Naturally, this arrangement will only be in place during term time and will ensure that only supervised and/or checked adults will have access to our students on the school site.

The alteration is part of the wide range of new safeguarding arrangements which have been successfully implemented over the last two years; including security gates, electronic school access at reception, Sixth Form passes, our E-Safety Mark, etc.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are delighted that Freedom Leisure have been proactive in supporting the safeguarding of our students and ensuring that they are key safe from the moment they arrive in the morning until the end of the school day.”