Our Year 11 GCSE French student enjoyed a fantastic trip to Paris which combined spectacular sightseeing with an intense review of grades and the path to exam success next summer.

The first full day (Saturday) saw student visit the Arc de Triomphe, walk the Champs Elysees, cut down to the Eiffel Tower, cruise the Seine to Notre Dame, stroll down the river bank to the Louvre, before hitting the shops on the way to dinner. Afterwards, we took a night tour by coach of the city before getting back late to the hotel.

The second day (Sunday) brought gloomier weather but nothing could dampen everyone’s mood as we climbed Montparnasse Tower to take in views over the city before jumping on the Metro to visit the Sacre Couer and Montmatre.

The trip was attended by the students’ French teachers (Mrs Grigg and Mrs Welch), but also by Miss Kenney (Head of Maths), Mrs Sullivan (Head of English) and Mr Allman (Headteacher) so there was a real emphasis on hard work and the push towards Summer 2019. There was targeted Maths and English work, discussions relating to strengths and weaknesses in these key subjects, and every student had a 1-to-1 with Mr Allman to plot out the way forward.

Sophie Grigg, Head of Languages said: “This excursion has given the students a real boost on practical examples for their speaking and writing exams and it was wonderful to see all of the students by into speaking French and falling in love with Paris.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The students on the trip have excellent reputations in school and are very self-motivated. Even so, it was great to have the chance to talk things through, check out any barriers, congratulate them for their effort so far, and to point out that they are well on their way to shine next summer. There are a lot of parents out there who have a great deal to be proud of.”