An important part of our House system has been getting students to engage with local charities and, with each House voting for their local organisation, they have worked hard all year to raise funds, meet with the charities, and win the House Charities Cup.

The final totals are in and the winner of the House Charities Cup is Seward House – who also won the overall House Cup for the year.

Even so, more impressive is the amazing £4,513.94 total:

Seward House – Midland Air Ambulance – £1,304.71
Garrick House – Sutton Lung Foundation – £1,083.94
Johnson House – St Giles Hospice – £1,062.67
Darwin House – Acorns Children Hospice – £1,062.67

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The headline figures are hugely impressive but what they don’t reveal is the regular contact with charities, visits to hospices, cake sales, sponsored runs, wristbands, assemblies, and so on, that have given our students the opportunity to learn new skills, deal with new people and become better prepared for wider life.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We have always felt that we did not want our school to be a ‘throw a £1 in a bucket’ charity school; more, we wanted our students to lead on chosen charities, build a real understanding of their work, and make a different to the lives of others who we share a community with. These totals mean local families – including some of our own – will benefit from the work and donations of Friary students, staff and parents and this is very important to us.