The eagerly anticipated Year 13 Prom was held at Moxhull Hall and was a truly stunning event. It was wonderful to see so many parents dropping off their fine young adults at the last school event they will attend – there was barely a dry eye to be seen. The students all looked absolutely amazing and behaved impeccably. The events team from Moxhull Hall were quick to offer themselves as a venue for the 2019 Prom which is a testament to how our students conducted themselves.

The night had great food, hilarious photos from the inflatable photo booth, lots of dancing, and even football!  The World Cup game was shown during the evening, but the disappointing result did not dampen the students’ spirits.
Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our students thoroughly deserved their big night, it was a truly lovely occasion which both staff and students really enjoyed. The venue looked amazing and the event had been well organised from start to finish by our pupils on the Prom Committee. It really was a fitting end to our students’ Sixth Form journey.”