Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have asked us to communicate to our students and families their guidance on how to stay safe during the warm weather we are currently experiencing. They would particularly like to emphasise the risks connected to setting grass fires and swimming in open water. The main points to reflect on are:

  • Deliberately setting grass fires is a crime. It could result in a prison sentence or a £5,000 fine. 
  • Grass fires are very dangerous as they can quickly spread and get out of control.
  • Deliberate grass fires can also put both firefighters and members of the public at needless risk of injury.
  • When enjoying the outdoors put rubbish in a nearby bin or take it home.
  • Open water can be dangerous. There may be unseen dangers including the risk of waterborne disease. Cold water shock can kill within one minute of being in the water. Only swim at lifeguarded pools

More safety information can be found on their website at and they are also on Facebook at ‘Staffordshire’s Fire and Rescue’ and Twitter at ‘@Staffsfire’.

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “Please help to keep your children safe by re-iterating this information with them. It is really important that they enjoy the summer safely.”