Our partnership with the University of Wuppertal in Germany brings us three trainees teachers from Germany to work with us through the Summer Term and each year they have had a marvellous impact on the school.

This year we have been hugely fortunate to have Edna Trle, Graham Fleischacker and Judith Von Plettenberg join us as they have very much thrown themselves into everything; whether it be Normandy water-fights or penalty shoot-outs, or ‘Bugsy Malone’ or teaching Year 7 RE with the Headteacher.

This week saw them working at Henry Chadwick Primary School delivering ‘An Introduction to German’ to Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6. These session ranged in challenge from doing ‘Kopf, Schulter, Knie und Fuß’ with the younger children to ordering food and asking for items for the older heads in Years 5-6. There was also a Q&A session at the end though some were a little lost in translation with questions ranging from ‘Do you have Tesco’s in Germany ?’ to ‘How do you say Sponge Bob Square Pants in German ?’

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We always enjoy working with Henry Chadwick and our German staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The sessions were bubbly, fun and brought a different cultural experience to the children.”