Two teams representing The Friary, along with 9 other schools, spent the day at the RAF Cosford museum learning about the science and engineering of building and launching a space hotel. The boys – made up of Josh Bramall, Bobby Clarkson, Tom Hughes, Sam Hutchinson, Jack Lynch, Louis Caldwell, Taine Garner, Elliot Gartshore, James Mackenzie, Toby Morris-Samuels, Josh Nyambayo, Josh Worrall – faced intense competition but performed superbly well.

Team work was essential as strict deadlines were imposed. Materials to craft their models were ordered in French and the tweet to promote their hotel required accurate writing too. They had 2 presentations to give, one in French to the language specialists, and the second to a member of the RAF explaining their concept in scientific and engineering terms.

I am delighted to note that there was even a rallying call from all team members of, “Blazers on, shirts tucked in”, before both presentations ! (Individual prizes went to Tom Hughes for his French presentation and Louis Caldwell for explaining the science behind his team’s concept.) The final activity of the day was a taster in speaking Russian which had everyone a bit tongue-tied at times, but was very enjoyable.

Annie Parton, trip organiser, said: “This was an exciting and challenging event in which all students participated fully and were able to work to their strengths whilst learning new skills during the day. The boys represented The Friary in an exemplary way and it was a pleasure for Mrs Welch, Mr Hughes and myself to spend the day with them. We even enjoyed their singing in the minibus on the way back !”