The winners have been announced for the Year 7 competition, run in conjunction with Barchester Homes, which challenged our Year 7 students to suggest objects to put in the time capsule which will show people in the future what life is like today.

Students were then invited to take part in the time capsule burial ceremony at the new care home, called The Spires, which is about to open on Stafford Road, next to the new police station.

The winning entries were from:
Eleanor Easton (7S2)
Amy Findlay (7J1)
Anisia Adriana Finache (7S1)
Jack Jarman (7S1)
Oakley Ashby (7G2)
Abbie Pendelbury (7J2)
Jessica Horne (7J2)
Eve Marquise (7D2)

Executives from Barchester Homes chose the winners from the many, many entries submitted by Year 7.

The winners received a £10 voucher for themselves, generously donated by the care home, who also donated £100 to the Midlands Air Ambulance, House charity of the overall winner Eleanor.

The winning ideas put forward were:
1. A plastic water bottle representing the current awareness of oceanic pollution
2. A popular children’s book from the current bestsellers list
3. Details of popular singers and bands today
4. A technology magazine & newspaper, representing current events and technology
5. Details of the current average adult height & weight for male & female
6. Details of Megan Markle & Prince Harry getting married
7. A picture of the Friary school uniform and a 2018 school curriculum planner
8. A gay pride flag

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “I know Barchester Homes are keen to develop links with the school and the local community. I am really pleased Year 7 submitted so many interesting and thoughtful entries. We are looking forward to working with our new neighbours again soon.”