The latest in a long line of imaginative and generous parental support has come to fruition with the donation of a raft of high-quality kitchen equipment to our Food classrooms that will upgrade the experience of every student in the school.

The Food rooms are hugely popular with students whether it be Year 7 students cooking for the first time, KS4 students undertaking their Hospitality & Catering course, or Sixth Formers being trained up to cook for themselves at university, and the area is always a busy hive of activity.

The donations have come from top companies including Kuhn Rikon (UK), Ictc, JWP Ltd, Taylor’s Eye Witness, Polder Products and Micoplane.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “When we were informed about this generous offer of support we were thrilled and the final items donated are going to make a huge difference. It is fantastic to see top branded equipment being donated by high-end suppliers and we know our facilities will stand out against other schools.”