The Year 7 and Year 8 rounders teams warmed up nicely in the run up to their competitive tournaments this week with a victory against Lichfield Cathedral School.

The Year 7’s had an astonishing result winning 21-4 with high scores from Maddy Nash, Ffion Wynne, Emily Beddow and Elli Delaney. Ms Fallows said ‘the training is clearly having an impact on the girl’s performance and tactical play’.

However the Year 8’s had some tough competition and were pushed to the end before scoring an extra half rounder finishing the match 17-16½ following a cracking catch from Mae Bennett.

Player of the Match Awards went Lily Sperryn Y7 and Rebekah Alvarado Y8.

Kim Fallows, team coach, said: “The girls deserve great praise and they are in a great position to put on a strong showing in the forthcoming tournaments.”