Well done to all Year 7 & Year 9 students that competed at Aldersley Stadium on Thursday 17th May winning a variety of events throughout the afternoon.

There were a number of strong performances including Millie-Mae John (Y7) achieving a personal best in the hurdles and coming first and for her outstanding technique. Year 7s put athletes out for all events with two in most cases competing against each other for the top spot position.

The Year 9 team had some last minute injuries and this reduced team numbers but they did their best to complete as many events as possible in an attempt to not lose points.

Overall the school performed well throughout the competition but special praise goes to the Year 7 team for their motivation to compete in more than one event each with a number of winning performances.

Kim Fallows, PE lead for the tournament, said: “There were some wonderful performances and things bode well for the Year 7 & 8 teams who take on local schools in the county tournament next week.”