Mr Havill recently awarded three more students in Seward House Half House Colours and one student Full House Colours.

Tom Hughes in 10S1 was awarded Half House Colours for outstanding dedication to his academic studies, 100% attendance during his entire Secondary School career and his commitment to extra-curricular music both at The Friary School and in the local community.

Jonny Fowler 10S2 was awarded Half House Colours for the outstanding progress that he has made academically since joining the school in year 7 to where he is now, a third of the way into his GCSE studies. Jonny is also a committed House Councillor and campaigns passionately for his form.

Hattie Rumsey 11S1 was awarded Half Colours for her excellent performances representing The Friary School on stage, both in school and in the wider community.
Lucy Allen became the first student in Seward House to ever be awarded Full House Colours. Having been awarded Half Colours in December Lucy has continued to excel academically whilst representing her form as a House Councillor. Lucy has consistently been the highest House Point earner in Year 11 and routinely earns great praise from her teachers and fellow students.

Richard Havill, Head of Seward House, said, “It gives me great pleasure to recognise the outstanding achievements of pupils in Seward House. House Colours are the greatest honour that we can bestow upon our students with a maximum of five awarded per half term. They are a huge achievement and Tom, Jonny, Hattie and Lucy should be very proud of how they have conducted themselves over a number of years at The Friary School.”