On Monday the 26th March we welcomed thirty eager Year 5 students from Christchurch Primary School in Lichfield to join our Geography department for a morning of Orienteering. The sun was shining and the skies were blue, perfect conditions for six teams to compete against each other with the support of some of our more experienced Y9 Geographers.

Despite having just taken a brisk thirty minute walk from Christchurch to Friary, each team was desperate to be crowned champion and set off at a tremendous pace. Kitted out in their wellington boots students raced around our enormous playing field clutching their maps as they located each of the markers placed for them to find. Every student demonstrated great team spirit and independence as they battled it out to the finish line.

Susan Sheridan, Head of Geography was delighted by their enthusiasm: “This has been the perfect opportunity for Year 5 to see how fun and practical Geography can be. It’s been great to be able to support Christchurch with their own curriculum as students have been studying map reading and orienteering this term. This has also been a valuable activity to help familiarise themselves with the Friary School and work with our older students.”

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher added; This year we have expanded our Year 5 transition programme to include Orienteering. It has proved to be hugely popular and I’m delighted that our students are also being given the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills as they support the transition of younger students. We are looking forward to seeing the other half of the year group later in the month.