Bikeability is an excellent cycle training programme which is funded by the Department for Transport and works with children to help them gain practical skills and an understanding of how to cycle on today’s roads.

This week – starting on a snowy Monday and ending on a bright Friday – saw Year 7 students engage in the programme in their House groups and the students have received commendations from the Bikeability team. The students undertook the most challenging Level 3 Bikeability scheme which taught them to plan cycle routes, safely navigate traffic lights, roundabouts and complex junctions and had the aim of encouraging them to cycle within the rules of the road and safely..

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “As a school we are keen to ensure we prepare the students for their classroom learning, but also to be safe, secure and confident in their daily life. This excellent scheme prepares the students to be safe on the roads, gets them mixing with their peers and adults in a different setting, and is a lot of fun too. The Bikeability team have been superb all week and it has again been an extremely worthwhile venture.”

If you would like to learn more about Bikeability, visit their website at: