The Friary School has once again achieved the top-ranking Platinum Award for Excellence in Music Provision from the North West Midlands Music Education Hub.

The award requires the school to consistently hit the highest criteria and includes ensemble coaching, a wide extra-curricular offer, high quality performances in and out of school, and the extensive use of Music during primary to secondary transition.

The school continues to use a wide range of peripatetic musicians to run individual and small group classes and retains extensive musical-based activities including whole-school productions, Battle of the Bands, orchestral tours, the Summer Sizzler and a range of corporate and community events in our locale. Equally, our students are encouraged to perform in events at local schools, regional and national events, and also for national orchestras.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The Friary School has a long tradition of excellence in music and the performing arts and we are continually seeking  to retain this strength with on-going investment, the development of our Elite Performers support and extensive involvement in our locale. This award is a testimony to the students, staff and parents who either possess or invest in the skills of a diverse and talented group of students who enrich our school hugely.”