Students, staff and those from our local community accessing the school and sports centre have been experiencing difficulties due to blocked drains making the main public path – which dips in front of the school – unpassable and forces pedestrians to risk sodden banks or walk down the side of the busy Eastern Avenue.

The school has been active in trying to get the drains unblocked, not least because we are concerned about the safety of our students as they have little choice but to walk down the wide of the main road.

Tim Heminsley, the Community Infrastructure Liaison Manager for Lichfield and Tamworth, part of Staffordshire County Council, has informed us that “This (flooding) has been assessed and there is work on the system to clean the drains in the area to allow the water to get away. This kind of active work is normally carried out on a Friday and the Council will endeavour to complete the drain cleaning as soon as possible.”

Wendy Bennett, School Business Manager, said: “We take great care to protect the safety of our students and the wider community in-and-around our site and we are pleased that Staffordshire County Council have promised to address this issue. They understand, as much as we do, that keeping our students safe as they walk to school is critically important.”