Out annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ night had a 1907s theme – producing a great array of genres and performances, though very sobering for many parents who realised their youth was now ancient history.

The evening was well-attended – with a good mix of students and families – and each performance was very well received by the audience.

The winning rock band was Black Dollar Bills, the winning soloist was Hattie Rumsey, and the winning pop band was The Sixth Form Band.

Jon Hood, Head of Music, said: “We never cease to be amazed at the skill and enthusiasm Friary students muster for events like this and it was great to see a lively and upbeat audience cheering them each step of the way. The 1970s theme followed on from the 1960s one of last year – look out for Mr Rose as Adam and the Ants, Mrs Cain and Mrs Hearn as Pepsi and Shirley, and Mr Forster as Morrissey next time.”