This year has seen the launch of a new House Colours rewards system. Students receiving the award earn the right to wear the exclusive ‘Colour’ badges of their House.

To be awarded their House Colours students must demonstrate over an extended period of time:

• excellence in school (behaviour, attendance and achievement), and either
• a wider contribution to the school, their House or our local community, or
• commitment to excellence outside of school, such as pursing sport to a high standard outside of school

Students are initially awarded Half-Colours, with Full Colours awarded only to Year 11s who have already been awarded Half-Colours, and have demonstrated continued or further dedication to excellence over an extended period of time.

Students receiving this award will join an elite group, since no more than 5 Half-Colours will be awarded per House each term. Congratulations to those students who received their badges in assemblies during the concluding week of the Autumn Term.

Darwin: Half-Colours

Evie Hulme (8D2)
Beth Kingston (7D1)
Alice Ferriday (11D1)
Megan Shelley (11D2)
Tilly Perryman (9D1)

Garrick: Half-Colours

Isabelle Butler (11G1)
Millie Beddow  (11G2)
Megan McEntee (11G1)
Greg Bilinski (10G1)
Jake Davis-Allsop (9G2)

Johnson: Half-Colours

Josh Allen (10J1)
Carie Dunning (8J2)
Jasmine Brookes (11J2)
Amy Cundill (11J2)

Seward: Half-Colours

Andy McKenna (11S1)
Isabella Acton (11S1)
Alice McCormick (11S2)
Lucy Allen (11S2)
Danielle McDonald (11S2)

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The House Colours was one of the many reasons why we passionately believed that the new House system was the way forward for the school. This sort of honour was not previously available and by splitting up abilities and skills across the Houses we were able to give a fair and competitive balance across the school. The first Half-Colours winners are hugely deserving and we are very proud of each of them. They have shown the discipline and will to succeed, not once, or twice, but each and every day.”