We have tracked down a fantastic opportunity for Year 9 students who are interested in engineering as a career.

The Smallpeice Trust, as part of the Royal Academy of Engineers Ingenious project, is offering FREE Family Engineering Days available at various locations. With the aim of bringing the STEM experience to families, parents/guardians are invited to take part and help their children with an automotive based challenge that is designed to be fun and educational for all involved.

If you have any questions or wish to sign up then, please contact The Smallpeice Trust on 01926 333 200 or email aspireday@smallpeicetrust.org.uk.

Claire Ballinger, Aspirations Mentor, said: “Engineering is a real growth sector in the UK and employees are keen to recruit students aged 16 and upwards. These sessions give a practical experience and an ability to talk about a lasting and real-life connection to engineering so we would encourage all families with budding engineers in their mist to consider if they can get involved this half-term.”