The last week of term saw the re-arranged Prize-Giving Evening staged to celebrate the achievements of students in subjects across the curriculum and wider school life both in the summer exams and over the last term.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

Key Stage Three:

English – Ellen Richardson                  Maths – Gregory Bilinski                      Science – Toma Smith
French – Nyah Millership                    Spanish – Lucy Stothert                       Geography – Ellen Richardson
History – Millie Jamieson                    Computing – Gregory Bilinski              ICT – Jessica Harrigan
Music – Thomas Hughes                     Drama – Louis Caldwell                       Art – Abigail Elson
RE – Lydia Hudson                               D&T – Jack Hulme                               PE (Boys) – Josh Bramall
PE (Girls) – Freya Gregory

Head of House Awards:

Darwin – Georgina Broome                Garrick – Panashe Makokowe             Johnson – Josh Allen
Seward – Thomas Hughes

Key Stage Four:

English Language – Megan Jones       English Literature – Toria Barnard      Maths – Molly Draper
Biology – Jaye Camacho                      Chemistry – Liam Burns                      Physics – Toria Bernard
Comb Sciences – Sophie Ellett            Spanish – Jaye Camacho                     French – Toria Bernard
Geography – Brennan Downes            History – Jaye Camacho                      RE – Elizabeth Bayliss
Business – Ellie Battison                      ICT – George Ellis                                Music – Manolis Roberts
Performing Arts – Louis Peart             Visual Arts – Megan Crowther            DT Graphics – Jake Smith
DT Res Mats – Will Smith                    PE – Jaye Camacho                             Hosp & Catering – Suzanah Zecca

Extended Awards:

The Lichfield Science and Engineering Society Award – Toria Barnard
The Ruth Prouse Memorial Award – Jaye Camacho

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We were delighted to change the format this year so that younger students received public acknowledgement and our new House roles were rewarded too, in addition to the excellent performances at GCSE in Summer 2017. The evening saw very worthy winners and parents and staff enjoyed the chance to celebrate.”