Each of our four Houses have their own special House week – a chance to celebrate the House, explore the shared identity and to raise funds for the House’s chosen charity.

Darwin House voted to support Acorns Hospice – http://www.acorns.org.uk– who are locally based and provide palliative care and support to local life-limited and life-threatened children and families across the heart of England.

This week will see Darwin House undertake a series of events and challenges to try and reach their £500 target – and each House member is calling on their parents to help reach this ambitious target.

Each Darwin form group will be competing against each other and daily sub-totals will be announced to see which forms are making the most progress in helping the whole House reach their fund-raising target.

Any parents who wish to make a donation to this wonderful cause can do so via sponsoring their children in a wide range of events this week or by paying their donation via ParentPay.

Alison Morris, Head of Darwin House, said: “Having visited Acorns Hospice with the House’s student leadership team, we can all confirm the amazing job they do and how we are very much supporting a local charity that our families may need to call on one day. The money raised goes to local children and local families and it is this community-based approach that is very much at the heart of our school’s ethos.”