The new House system sees all students earning House points for hard work and high effort and these are totted up to bring rewards for Houses and individuals.

The first half-term saw Seward House come out on top of the House Competition but we felt it was also important to reward students in other Houses who were setting the highest standards.

Working with Tony – Lichfield’s finest ice-cream man – we arranged for the top 100 students in Seward House to get a free ice-cream each. The top 20 students in the other Houses also got in on the act.

The rewards received a wholly positive reception from students. “To be fair we work quite hard,” said Year 9 student Matthew Sykes. “But this makes it worth it.” Isabella Action, a Year 11 student, added it was the “best reward” she had received, while Stella Bibiris reflected on her chances of receiving a reward next time around. “I just want to keep on getting House Points now,” the Year 8 student said.

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “It was a pleasure to arrange the rewards and the feedback was glowing. Today’s teenagers are less keen on school pens and pencils so we are looking to be ever more creative with our rewards. The students are giving us some great ideas and we are coming up with a few surprises of our own too.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We look to grab every opportunity to bring a bit of magic to school life and this was certainly a case of that. We also believe it is important to visibly reward those who give their all, and provide a suitable incentive to spark others to re-double their efforts. There is more to come, but this was a great start.”