Do you think when you post a photo online that it may come back to haunt you in 10+ years time ?

Do you think your current cool look… those thickly stencilled eyebrows… the gangsta jewellery… will be just the image that you want when you go for a job, get married or have children of your own ?

Top Premiership footballers have learnt that their image is less good now when nightmare photos crop up from their youth.

England stars like Dele Alli, Harry Kane & Raheem Sterling have recently had cause to be embarrassed by photos posted online in the dim and distant past.

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “We all have embarrassing photos from the past that we would rather keep hidden away. Nowadays, it is easy to forget that once photos go online then the image is very difficult to remove. We advise all students to take great care on what they post and follow the E-Safety guidance we give in school.”