All students benefit from our road safety and awareness sessions but it becomes a very different kettle of fish when it comes to helping educate Sixth Formers who are actually driving (or soon will be driving) on the roads.

The Y12 students went through the ‘Cow’ film which a re-enacted, true story focussing on issues relevant to young drivers. This included topics like the use of mobile phones in cars, the use of seatbelts and the impact of peer pressure on driving.

The Y13 students focused on the film ‘Driving with Grace’ and included issues relating to drink driving, drug driving, speeding and peer pressure. The film included real-life interviews and had a real emotional impact on everyone viewing it.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “All too often we read terrible stories relating to young drivers and we recognise that we play an important part in educating our students in how to behave responsibly as a driver and a passenger. These assemblies focused on issues that our students will automatically recognise and be able to apply the harsh lessons portrayed to their own conduct and experiences.”