As part of our British Food Fortnight events we staged special assemblies that pitted tutor groups and tutors against one another as the assembly extolled the virtues of British Food.

The assemblies saw two tutors and a student from their form come up the front of the theatre and have 15mins to cook and plate a meal from the ingredients available.

There was frantic chopping, rushed cooking, ‘stuck-to-the-pan’ moments, lovely aromas, and much laughter. The highlight dishes include Mr Hughes Chinese stir-fry – which he promptly boxed up for lunch – and Mr Hood’s omelette which swiftly degenerated into scrambled mush.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher and event organiser, said: “The assemblies were designed to bring a very visual experience of British food and to promote both healthy eating and the fun in food preparation. The students and staff were fantastic and the assemblies were hugely enjoyable.”