We hugely enjoyed our Open Evening and it was fantastic to meet so many Year 6 students and families.

The event included a talk from the Headteacher, tours led by our students, and activities and experiences across the school involving both staff and students.

There was real buzz throughout the evening and Year 6 students were keen to talk about what they had seen – whether it be the French choir or the dissected rabbit, the musical performances or the extensive Spots facilities, the Maths Masterclass quizzes or the practical work in Technology.

We were delighted that the feedback from parents was very positive with comments including:

  • “We were all extremely impressed by your vision and openness for the school, and in particular your candidness to, not only what was good about the school, but also areas for further improvement.”
  • “The whole evening was planned extremely well and my wife and I certainly came away with a favourable view of your school.”
  • “I was very impressed with the open evening, the pleasant young people and exciting and varied curriculum you have on offer for the young people of Lichfield.”

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher and co-ordinator of the evening, said: “We were not remotely surprised that the students impressed so many parents. We know we have a fantastic bunch, who would be very keen to show off how well they, and we as a school, are doing. Even so, we have been keen this week to express our gratitude to them for their enthusiasm, confidence and commitment.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We believe we have a great school but we are always keen to be open with where we are looking to improve. Having recently gone through this primary-secondary transition process myself, I wholly appreciate that this is a tough decision for parents and believe they / we deserve openness rather than a hard sell. Equally, we are keen to mark ourselves out as a school that genuinely cares for the whole child and seeks to give them a full experience – both in the classroom but also through extra-curricular activities, guests speakers, visits, mentoring and more besides. We prioritise exam results like all schools, but where we may differ is that for us it is children, not exam results, that are our No.1 priority.”