This week has seen House Councils in full swing as he newly elected members represent their tutor groups and work to make our school even better.

Each tutor group elects their representatives to their House Council and each House Council sends 2-3 representatives to the School Council (*).

Seward House Council is made up of:

Lucy Vanes*( 7S1), Tom Purkis (7S2), Matt Abbots (8S1), Kain Moore (8S2), Matt Sykes (9S1), Dylan Wynne (9S2), Ethan Hopcott (10S1), Jonny Fowler (10S2), Osi Mynett (11S1), Alice McCormick* (11S2)

Johnson House Council is made up of:

Amy Findlay (7J1), Jayden Harrigan (7J2), Brooke Pointon* (8J1), Alfie Palmer (8J2), Grace McCue* (9J1), Declan Hedgecox (9J2), Josh Allen* (10J1), Elizabeth Short (10J2), Katie Hayward (11J1), Angel Fitzpatrick (11J2)

Darwin House Council is made up of:

Isaac Brodie (7D1), Isabel Ainsworth (7D2), Keean Hopwood* (8D1), Matthew Mellor (8D2),

Poppy Newton (9D1), Lauren Pates (9D2), Warwick Smith* (10D1), Josh Bramall (10D2), Beth Rigby (11D1), Callum Bobel (11D2)

Garrick House Council is made up of:

Ellie Tucker (7G1), Job Adagh-Ptolomey* (7G2), Corbin Harper (8G1), Ellen Khan* (9G1), Scarlett Britton (9G2), Bobby Clarkson (10G1), Tom Porter (10G2), Niall Preston* (11G1), Emily Worth (11G2)

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The House Councils have already picked a focus on the school environment, their House charity, and setting up special events connected to their House Week. The early meetings have been hugely positive and it is wonderful to see all year groups mixing together, pitching in and coming up with ideas where every voice is heard.”

Ian Rose, Headteacher, added: ““Our student voice is important and the new House Councils are a critical element of getting different opinions into the mix as part of our school’s decision-making process. We are a school that works hard on exam results, but also one that sees the importance of developing the whole child. Success at school is about results, but it is also about personal growth.”