This year we have repeated the popular postcard project we started last year where Year 7 students sent postcards to their old primary schools, to tell everyone what they are up to at The Friary and how they have handled the step up to secondary school.

Our primary schools given our students a fantastic grounding and it is great to see the praise for our school and affection for their old school that the postcards reveal:

Postcard to Christ Church Primary School, Lichfield:

“I’ve made loads of new friends and the teachers are lovely.”

Postcard to St Stephen’s Primary School, Fradley:

“I bet you’re going to love it at The Friary too.”

Postcard to Willows Primary School, Lichfield:

“My favourite thing so far has been my Science lessons; we’re currently learning about acids and alkalis.”

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We take a lot of pride ion our care during primary to secondary transition but we don’t believe the relationship should end when the new Year 7 students step through our door. Their primary schools helped make them who they are today and it is great that the relationship carries on as they continue to make their way in life.”