The 676 Reading Challenge is a joint project run by the librarians at The Friary and King Edward where all Year 6 students are challenged to complete a variety of tasks focusing on the world of the written word.

This meant our new Year 7 students have to investigate both fiction and non-fiction over their summer holidays including a trip to their local library to do some research. If students manage to complete all 6 challenges, they are rewarded with House Points in their first week of secondary school.

Naturally, this meant that our Year 7s were taking part in their first House competition and the final scores saw Johnson House storm to victory:

Johnson House – (J1 = 200 / J2 = 175) = TOTAL = 375 points

Darwin House – (D1 = 130 / D2 = 165) = TOTAL = 295 points

Garrick House – (G1 = 95 / G2 = 195) = TOTAL = 290 points

Seward House – (S1 = 175 / S2 = 60) = TOTAL = 235 points

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We place a great deal of importance on the transition work we do to make sure our new Year 7 students feel comfortable and involved as they move into secondary school. Their efforts in the Reading Challenge were impressive – particularly Johnson House who won a handsome victory.”