On Monday 11th & Thursday 14th September our Year 11 Geographers travelled to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire for their River Field-Work Investigation.

Over 100 students looked at the flow, speed, depth, meanders and wider environment of the river and had an experience very different to classroom-based learning.

Kiran Dharni, Head of Geography, said: “The field trip went well and will make a real difference to the GCSE results of the students. Geography is about practical experiences and this field trip preps them not just for the GCSE, but for the study in the Sixth Form and beyond.”

Jason Cain, Assistant Headteacher, added: “We pride ourselves on giving our students opportunities not afforded in other schools. Students learn better if they can apply their learning to real-life situations and with future field visits to come I am confident the group will hit their final exams in the best possible shape.”