The Year 13 students managed to achieve some stunning grades with so many stand-out performances that deserve recognition.

We measure student achievement in two main ways – attainment and progress. Attainment refers to the actual grades they got and Progress refers to their final results from their starting point at the beginning of Year 12.

The following grades relate to A-Level / Level 3 courses (Capitals) and the Extended Project Qualification (lower case):

Hall of Fame – The Top Attainment Dozen:

Megan Jacobs – A*, A, A, b
Aimee Rigby – A*, A B , b
Mai Pengelly – A*, A, B
Emma Lawrence – A, A, B, a
Katie Wilson – A, A, B
Heidi Wright – A, A, B
Cara Shields – A, A, B
James Wilson – A*, B B
Allysee Marshall – A, B, B, a
Harry Rumbold – A, A, B, a
Rosie Beale – A, B, B
Stella Welfare – A, A, C, a

Hall of Fame – The Top Progress Dozen:

Megan Jacobs – +1.24
Emily Pestridge – +1.23
Mai Pengelly – +1.11
James Whitaker – +1.10
James Wilson – +1.09
Charlie Barton – +1.09
Cara Shields – +1.04
Joshua Smith – +0.92
Georgia Locock – +0.90
Mille Murphy – +0.89
Jamie Allen – +0.85
Byron Boulton – +0.84

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “There are too many students to mention that have their own journey to their own success. Even so, these students were stand-out in terms of their excellent grades or their fantastic progress, and in some cases in both ! We wish all of the students well as they move forward.”