The Sixth Form results this Summer saw excellent results come in for both the Head Boy, James Wilson, and Head Girl, Katie Wilson, and though the pair are not related, they both deserve exactly the same high praise for their grades, as well as their contribution to the school.

James gained A* in Maths, B in Physics and B in Psychology, whilst Katie achieved A in Sociology, A in Psychology and B in Maths, and both are now off to university to continue their studies.

The pair have acted as role models throughout their time as Head Boy and Head Girl; whether it be speaking at Raising Aspiration Evenings or leading student teams in the PTA Quiz, winning local debating competitions or simply being a voice of support for the school as it moves forward.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form, said: “James and Katie have been fantastic Sixth Form student leaders and have not wavered in their roles for a moment. Their results are a great example to their peers and they have set a high benchmark for the new student leaders.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We ask a lot of our Head Boy and Head Girl so were delighted that they both performed so very well. They have been forces for good in the school and will be hugely missed.”