The GCSE results came in with much to celebrate and the hard work and perseverance shown by so many students reaped rewards when the envelopes were opened.

The overall school results compared favourably with national averages and English results were particularly strong.

Naturally, there were plenty of individual success stories with high achievers including a string of A*-A (or 9-7) grades:

Toria Barnard – 12 (including 9s in English and Maths)

Josh Vroom – 11 (including 9s in English and Maths)

Lauryn Clarke – 12

Anna Hill – 11

Sacha Hood – 11

Brennan Downes – 10

Jaye Camacho – 10

Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “It was wonderful to see so many students open their results to realise they had hit or exceeded their targets and had got onto their Sixth Form courses with us. We are so proud of our Year 11s, especially having faced the challenge of the new GCSEs and gradings.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Amidst much uncertainty, there is a great deal to celebrate in these results. As our school, our headline English and Maths score remains strong and our overall progress score has improved. Even so, results day to us is more about the individual success stories and whilst we are overjoyed with the ‘Double 9s’, we are equally delighted with those students who have gone far beyond their personal target grades and truly shone this summer.”