Our two Year 6 Transition Days went superbly well and it was fantastic to see the new students settle into secondary school life so quickly.

The two days began with a Headteacher’s assembly which was very much about being brave and throwing yourself into new things – well done particularly to Laurence from Henry Chadwick who braved the box of sick ! The assembly certainly set the tone and the Year 6s were fantastic throughout.

The two days included meetings with their new tutor, House meetings and a string of lessons and activities so that the students got to experience different subjects, visit all areas of the school and meet many of the teachers who will be on their timetables next year.

Certainly, there was a big push on the new House system and it was great to see the confidence and determination as the students were divided into their new House groups without complaint and the way they threw themselves into making new friends. This sort of resilience is vital for life and is something we are working hard to push throughout the school.

Equally, it was important to understand the basics of day-to-day systems and structures that manage school life – either to be the location of the toilets toilets or the lost property base, or the lunch-time zones or the football court allocations.

The two days were followed by a Year 6 Transition Evening for parents and the goodwill, enthusiasm and positivity of the Year 6 children was only echoed by their parents. There was huge interest in the PTA, lots of good questions, but mostly a spirit of goodwill and energy for their children’s next step.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “It was a pleasure to meet the new students and whether it was talking to groups or individuals it was clear that we have a lot of talent coming to the school next year. I k ow these children are going to play a big part in making our school better and better and better.”