The Lichfield FUSE Festival this weekend saw interactive artwork created by Friary students.

Students created four huge globes, one each to represent Darwin, Garrick, Johnson and Seward House.

Our inspiration was twofold. Firstly for pupils to celebrate and showcase the qualities of their individual House to others. Secondly, to embrace the community spirit, positive nature and gathering of people that The Lichfield Fuse Festival presents.

From this starting point a collective design for the artwork was sought. Pupils excitedly considered the event and discussed appropriate visuals and colours. The successful concept was put forward by the schools lunchtime Anime Club. Their concept was inspired by the popular Nintendo videogame ‘Pokemon Go.’

A collaborative effort has ensured that their designs became reality. Year 6 pupils started work on the globes using modroc during their Transition Days in June with a range of pupils from all year groups then completing their work at lunchtimes and in art lessons before Year 12 pupils applied base coats of paint in House colours.

The globes made an appearance at The Summer Sizzler where students and parents decorated their House globe with positive imagery. The globes were a huge hit at The Fuse where their striking colours and positive message reflected the weekend’s festivities.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The globes have really been a product of our work with the community – conception in school, additional work from children and parents attending the Summer Sizzler, and the final exhibition pieces at the FUSE Festival. The Art Department’s community involvement was celebrated in the ‘Embrace the Face’ Exhibition in out city earlier in the year but this latest offering has just as much merit.”