I am sure that you are only too clear of the risks associated with the carrying of knives in public and want to do everything you can to protect your child(ren). Unfortunately the majority of knives and bladed articles that we find young people in possession of have come from their own home, so anything you can do to make sure your knives are as secure as they can be could make a huge difference.

Staffordshire Police are conducting a week long knife amnesty which starts on Monday 10th July to encourage those storing knives that could be dangerous to hand them in without any risk of prosecution. In every home in the county you will find knives. The amnesty is about getting rid of those that are surplus to requirements, particularly those that are ornamental, ex-military or combat styled which could easily end or ruin a life if used recklessly. If you don’t need it – just bin it.

You can hand them in at our Knife Amnesty bins that will be found either at your nearest police station or in some locations at your local waste and recycling centre. The full list of bin locations can be found at www.staffordshire.police.uk/bintheblade

You are not receiving this letter because your school has a problem with knives. We are working with schools across the County to educate children and parents as to the dangers associated with the carrying of knives.

Please spread the word of the amnesty and encourage everyone to get involved so that together we can reduce the risk of knife injury in Staffordshire.

Best wishes

Wayne Jones
Chief Superintendent of Local Policing and Operations
Staffordshire Police