The long-awaited Year 11 Prom was staged at Drayton Manor Park and was a truly stunning event.

The arrivals area was a procession of limos, vintage cars, and more besides, though the highlight was an arrival on the back of a motorbike with a 8-bike escort tailing on behind.

It was wonderful to see the proud parents dropping off and the amount of care and imagination in the outfits on parade was jaw-dropping. Certainly, the students looked absolutely amazing and it was difficult to gauge the person in front of you with the student who left Year 11 only a few weeks before.

The night saw a great buffet, lots of dancing, and a good time was had by all.

Steve Cartner, Head of Garrick House, and event organiser, said: “The students thoroughly deserved their big night and all staff in attendance were hugely proud of them. Staff and the student committee had put a great deal of work into the event but it was well worthwhile and it was a great celebration to sign off Year 11.”